Even before the Commodore 64 existed we were making programs to solve puzzles. We even took part in some programming contests, but now we want to organize such an event ourselves.
Do you know an original puzzle that requires a lot of smart programming to solve it? Or would you like to take part in the competition? Please send your mail to deelder@xs4all.nl. We will then keep you informed.
On this page are examples of the kind of puzzle we're referring to.
The pictures are screendumps of our programs. These programs are available as .ZIP files by clicking on the pictures.
Paperboys in Manhattan.

"De Telegraaf", C.M.G. and the Technical University of Eindhoven have issued this contest: Deliver 120 copies of "De Telegraaf" in Manhattan in the shortest possible time. You have 4 paperboys available.
Since the contest is over, we can share our program and provide the winning solution (this is not our own solution). You may try finding a better solution using our program.
There is an extra prize of 5000 Dutch Guilders for he/she who sends a better solution to the organisation. A better solution has a longest route smaller than 1183 or a total time smaller than 67058 if the longest route is equal to 1183. We are very interested in your findings !!


Try to cover a square as good as possible using differing smaller squares...

Try to compose a number using 6 other numbers and the basic arithmetical operations.

Issue Number 1: 100
Issue Number 2: 100
Issue Number 3: 100
Issue Number 4: 75
Issue Number 5: 75
Issue Number 6: 75
Issue Target: 394

  100   100   100    75    75    75

  100 *   100 = 10000
10000 -    75 =  9925
 9925 -    75 =  9850
  100 -    75 =    25
 9850 /    25 =   394

Putting 12 plastic puzzle parts in a 8x8 square can't be that difficult. Just keep an empty 2x2 square in the middle. The computer found 65 unique solutions. Beat the computer !